I have a studio in the backyard of my house in historic Alexandria, Virginia, a stone's throw from the Potomac River. My studio started out as a small barn structure and in 2015, my husband built an addition that doubled my space. My studio is my sanctuary. I feel myself relax the moment I step through the door! 

My day starts with coffee and The Washington Post. Then I go over what I have to do for the day and spend maybe 45 minutes on the computer checking my Etsy and Amazon Handmade stores as well as any requests that may have come in through Facebook. If I need to go to the post office or run any errands, I do them in the morning. I go into the studio after lunch and usually work until about 5pm. 

My favorite thing is to work on the wheel. It doesn't matter what I'm making if my trusty Brent wheel is humming. If I don't have anything specific to make (that is, no special orders or empty inventory shelves) I usually throw a few bowls to get going. I am currently working on making mugs as favors for my daughter’s upcoming wedding, as well as cachepots to serve as centerpieces. I also need to replenish my inventory of yarn bowls, nursery lights, brie bakers, and berry bowls which are my biggest selling items.